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Cruzin’ For Christ was started in 2009 by the Men’s Ministry of Abundant Life United Pentecostal Church in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada by the vision of Dave McLeod. This annual event’s focus is to raise funds in order to provide motorcycles for missions around the globe. Motorcycles help missionaries and national pastors get around as often they are in places with underdeveloped infrastructure where roads can be no more than a dirt path through the forest. The motorcycles also keep these people off of the public transit services, which is what the terrorist groups in these nations mostly target. Cruzin’ has successfully purchased 46 motorcycles for missions teams around the globe, mostly in Africa. Every year our ride tours to a mystery location somewhere in Atlantic Canada, the day starts with breakfast and ends with supper once we return to Sussex. In many of the years previous we have held a gospel music concert the evening before the ride as a way to get those who may not own a bike involved. We would like to thank you all for your support of Cruzin’ of Christ

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